Getting Our FitBloggin’ On

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FBG Jenn and Brandi from get silly at FitBloggin' 11.

Despite the fact that we’re three years old, the FBGs are somewhat embarrassed to admit that—up until last week—we’d never been to a blogging conference of any kind. But that all changed with FitBloggin’ 11. With an offer-you-can’t-refuse from Brandi at in hand (free ticket, free hotel—just help represent their lovely site), I hopped on a plane headed to Baltimore and spent three days eating seafood (Um, can you say crab cakes?), working out, eating too many popchips (see photo) and getting giggly (again, see photo) with a whole bunch of other fitness and weight-loss bloggers who are beyond awesome.

While I met and got to know so many amazing people face to face (Brooklyn Fit Chick, MizFit,Roni, Shauna Reid, Karla Walsh, Liz Neporent, Mary Hartley, Andrea Metcalf…and a whole bunch of others I’m accidentally leaving out—sorry!), I also managed to try trampoline jumping as a workout (sooo fun), ran a 5K in the inner harbor (beautiful), and learned some new tricks and tips when it comes to writing in the blogosphere.

Were you at FitBloggin’? Have you ever been to a fitness blogging conference? Tell us about it in the comments. Oh, and if you want to go, be sure to enter for a free registration to this upcoming conference! We’ll be there Saturday morning! —Jenn


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