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Get to Know the FBGs a Little Bit Better

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A big thanks to our friend and reader Mary for nabbing this photo!

If you’re new to the site, you may wonder how FBG came about. Or who are these people giving advice and sharing their experiences? Or even, why the heck we named our site after a Queen song? (Totally valid question.) Well, today we have answers. While much of why and how FBG started is on the site, we recently did a couple of interviews that give more personal insight into what this whole Fit Bottomed Girls world is all about.

Fit Together by go! Magazine in the Lawrence Journal-World

Did you guys know that Erin and I met while working at the same publishing company in Overland Park, Kan., and commuted an hour each way together? Those were the days that our friendship and careers started, but they are definitely driving days we can’t imagine doing again. Too much time in the car! Suffice it to say that we now more than make up for those long commutes—we both work from home!

The Fit Bottomed Girls’ Lawrence, Kan., roots.

Blogger Aims to Help Women Shed Excess Pounds by Fox 4 News

The title pretty much says it all. We started Fit Bottomed Girls to encourage women that living a healthy and fit lifestyle can be a damn good time without deprivation, diets or wishing you looked like someone else. This piece goes inside FBG HQ (read: my home in Kansas City, Mo.) and gives a sneak peek of what I do day in and day out. Note that the piece definitely highlights the “bottom” in our name (and on me), and does get one fact wrong: I do not recommend working out 10 minutes every other week. I’m all about small changes, but that’s just silly. My actual recommendation is to fit in 10 minutes of activity at least every other day, and then increase it to every day and bump up the minutes over time. Still easy, right?

A look at Fit Bottomed Girls’ headquarters.



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