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Yoga Mat Getting Smelly? Clean With This Spray

I have two favourite yoga mats that I routinely use… interchangeably.

They each have things I love about them and depending on my mood, it’s one or the other I rely on to provide my early morning flop practice pad.  For hungover achey, sluggish mornings, one is soft and gishy, offering me some much needed sinkage, but requires a towel for grip (I have a dandy one I’ll be sure to post about in the coming days!;)) and the other, for more energetic mornings, is thinner, made out of recycled tires, I think, and grips like a sonofagun!  Oh… I forgot to add my favourite go-to mat for travel: my recently acquired YogaMatic- which I so very much LOVE!

As I like my yoga hot, things can get a little funky. And since I practice primarily in the privacy of my own hovel, I am not under any pressure to keep up any pretence of mat hygiene and the funkiness can tend to grow and grow until I can’t stand the smell of myself oozing out of the polluted pores of my mats.  Until… Love My Mat!

I know, there are all kinds of home-made solutions to take care of mat smelliness.  But, after the first cleanse to wash away the factory smell and enhance the grab of a new mat, I’ve just never been bothered- judge not, por favor!- and the mats get put away with a new layer of me to infuse their every fibre.  Actually, I have to come clean… I have tried to mix up my own solutions, but I’ve always had trouble finding the right combination of scents that don’t leave me nauseous.  At the very least I’m used to the smell of me.   Again, until… Love My Mat!

Love My Mat offers the perfect fusion of fresh scented essential oils that leave your mat smelling clean and effectively disinfected.  More importantly, it’s a scent that doesn’t offend with daily use, in fact laying face-down on any of my mats is that much more pleasant because of it!  Love My Mat is also completely organic and so very easy!  And for the me, the quick spritz, wipe and go is essential to maintaining a habit of (almost;)) daily mat hygiene.

Another treat… Love My Mat isn’t just for yoga mats, it’s also a wonderful linen and upholstery spray too.  If my office chair could speak, it would certainly thank me… or Love My Mat!


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