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German Doctor Daniel Ubani Sues Son Of Patient He Killed

A German doctor who left a patient from the United Kingdom dead due to a mistake he made over his painkiller drugs is taking legal action against the dead man’s son in his country because he missed a post-conference dinner.

According to the Daily Mail, Rory Gray and his brother Stuart interrupted a speech Dr. Daniel Ubani was giving at a 2010 plastic surgery conference in Germany, describing him as “charlatan.” Both men were arrested but later released.

Ubani is demanding £2,800 - plus legal and court costs - from Rory Gray who lives in Germany.

Ubani, 67, was working for an out-of-hours medical service in 2008, when he gave David Gray a fatal injection with 10 times the recommended dosage of diamorphine, the BBC reported.

Gray died at his home in Manea, Cambridgeshire, on Feb. 16, 2008. His death was ruled “gross negligence and manslaughter” by coroner William Morris, who issued 11 recommendations to the Department of Health for the improvement of out-of-hours GP services.

Cambridgeshire Police issued an arrest warrant for Ubani to be extradited to stand trial, but was shocked when he was convicted of causing Gray’s death by negligence, received a nine-month suspended jail sentence and ordered him to pay €5,000 ($6765.50), according to the Guardian.

The General Medical Council barred him from ever working in Britain again, and he did not want to attend the inquest into his victim.

The German Doctors Chamber still wants Ubani struck off, but they can’t do anything about it because he still has the backing of the local authority which licences him.

David Gray’s sons Dr. Stuart Gray and Rory have been campaigning to get ubani struck off in Germany.

Rory now has two weeks to appeal the cash demand from Ubani.

"Ubani is claiming for money to compensate him for missing the function in the evening after the Lindau conference that he had paid to attend,” he said. And for compensation for not being paid at Lindau for his talk. I find it disgusting that he is still allowed to practice."


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