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German Dentist Removes All Of Mentally Ill Patient's Teeth

A dentist in Munich, Germany, removed all of mentally ill patient's teeth in 2013.

The dentist, identified as "Klaus K.," extracted 19 teeth from the patient, identified only as "Alex S.," because he supposedly had an inflammation of the bone and was allergic to fillings.

Alex S. was awarded 20,000 euros (about $21,455) for pain and suffering in a 2014 court case, while Klaus K. sued for 50,000 euros because he believed his reputation had been damaged. Klaus K. lost his appeal last Wednesday at the Court of Appeal of Munich, noted Süddeutsche Zeitung (per Google Translate).

An independent report said there was no medical purpose for the mass extraction as Alex S. experienced inflammation only after Klaus K. began extracting his teeth, some of which had no fillings.

Klaus K. calls himself a "recognized healer."

Alex S., who suffered from schizophrenia, believed that his teeth were somehow causing him erectile dysfunction. He believed that if his teeth were removed then he could get an erection, reports The Local.

Alex S. reportedly lived in a forest and survived on raw fruit, but he may be out of the woods.

The court ruled that Klaus K. will have to pay the 20,000 euros and the future cost of the implants that Alex S. will need.

Sources: The Local, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Google Translate
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