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German Company Sorry for Anti-Immigrant Condoms

In the troubled world economy, a job’s a job and a client’s a client, right? A German manufacturing company, R&S, is reconsidering that policy. R&S was contracted by the extreme right-wing—some might say “Neo-Nazi”—National Democratic Party or NDP of Germany to produce condoms for their youth wing. “For foreigners and certain Germans,” was the slogan emblazoned on the boxes which were sent to lawmakers to protest “unchecked immigration and the resulting population change in our country.” The enclosed letter also called for a policy that “will halt the demographic catastrophe facing our people.”

This is not the first outrageous incident involving the NDP. Seven NDP members of parliament were banned from three legislative sessions for wearing a clothing brand closely associated with Neo-Nazis. During the 2006 World Cup, they planned a rally and march to support the Iranian team and then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They were not supporting the German team because the multi-ethnic team wasn’t “truly” German.

There have been repeated attempts in Germany to ban the NDP as valid political party, most recently in March. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party did not join attempts to ban the party because they didn’t want to call even more attention to the fringe extremists. While they do receive taxpayer money as an officially recognized party, they are not seen as “the most dangerous extremists” in need of their attention.

The condom stunt seems to back up that assessment. While as silly as it is offensive, the manufacturers of the comdoms are taking it more seriously. They have pledged to donate 10,000 condoms and proceeds from the NPD order to a foundation that works to combat anti-Semitism and other right-wing extremism. In a statement from Alex Roth, head of R&S, he apologized saying, “We should have been more careful.”


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