German Authorities Threaten To Put 10-Year-Old Comatose Boy's Beloved Service Dog to Death


German authorities are attempting to take away and kill the service dog of a comatose ten-year-old boy after it allegedly bit another dog.

Dylan Gerzmehle was born in a vegetative state, but for the past six years, doctors say his condition has improved thanks to the companionship of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Tascha. According to reports, the dog stays by Gerzmehle’s side every day and machines show an improvement in the young boy’s condition whenever he is with the dog.

“Whenever the dog is with him, our son responds,” said Dylan’s father Eckherd. “He is happy. His breathing becomes quieter, his heart rate falls. That could only be because of this dog.”

Tascha has been with Dylan for six years. The dog is a breed that is classified by the local Bradenburg authorities as a fighting dog and is therefore not technically permitted in the state. There have been no issues with the dog in the past six years, however, so authorities haven’t questioned anything.

Now, since Tascha apparently bit a neighbor’s dog, German authorities are threatening to take the beloved dog away and put it to death. This has sparked outrage from all over the world, and a petition has been drafted to convince the local government that Tascha has genuinely helped to improve Dylan’s condition, a fact that doctors attest to.

Bradenburg Mayor Bodo Oehme made a statement saying that his “hands are tied,” and that there is nothing he can do since the dog did bite another dog.

Still, Dylan’s family and a huge network of supporters from around the world are hoping that authorities will look at the situation clearly and find it in their hearts to allow Tascha to live and continue to care for Dylan.


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