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Georgia Woman Consuela Tibbens Dropped On Head, Paralyzed By Stranger

Georgia woman Consuela Tibbens was at a bar on a Friday night in early August when a man picked her up and dropped her on her head.

Tibbens was at Wet Willie’s in Buckhead with friends when the man approached her.

The 38-year-old said the man was a stranger and picked her up without her consent, then proceeded to fall on top of her.

According to the police report, Tibbens told the man “no” repeatedly before he picked her up and dropped her.

After being dropped Tibbens found that she could not move her arms or legs and was rushed to a hospital.

Tibbens’ sister reported the assault on August 6, and told police that Tibbens had been dropped on her head.

While authorities are unsure of the attacker’s identity, he would likely be charged with assault and battery if found according to Sgt. Greg Lyon with Atlanta police.

Tibbens is being treated at Atlanta Medical Center for serious injuries and paralysis.

Tibbens sister has declined to comment on the event.

Sources: Fox News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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