Georgia Parents Feel Like 'Drug Traffickers,' Epileptic Daughter Needs Medical Marijuana (Video)


Vince and Michelle Seivert travel from LaGrange, Georgia, to Colorado four times every year in order to bring back medical marijuana for their teen daughter Miranda who suffers from epilepsy (video below).

“We didn’t plan on becoming drug traffickers, but that’s what we are,” Vince told 11 Alive.

Vince and Michelle say that cannabis oil has reduced their daughter's seizures from 12 to 20 per day to about four a month.

The Sieverts' airline tickets to Colorado cost more than the cannabis oil.

While cannabis oil is legal for people like Miranda to use and possess in Georgia, medical marijuana cannot be grown in the state, which what the Sieverts and other families in similar situations want.

“It would be like going to the pharmacy, really we go up the road not very far and get what we need,” Vince said.

State House Bill 722 would allow Georgians to grow medical marijuana, but Republican Gov. Nathan Deal has reservations about marijuana cultivation, Fox 5 reported in January.

If HB 722 doesn't pass, the Sieverts plan to move to Colorado permanently.

Sources: 11 Alive, Fox 5 / Photo Credit: 11 Alive via YouTube

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