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Georgia Mother Gives Birth To Conjoined Twins (Photo)

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A mother gave birth to conjoined twin boys in Augusta, Georgia on Nov. 9.

Brittany Crafton, the 26-year-old mother, delivered the boys via cesarean section at Georgia Regents Medical Center, reports WRDW 12. Crafton learned of her boys' condition at her second checkup appointment after confirming her pregnancy.

"At my first appointment when I first found out I was pregnant my sonogram only showed one baby," the mother-to-be told WRDW 12 News. "At the second it appeared there were two babies but it only had one heart, two heads, and that's all they really said."

"I didn't see, 'oh... conjoined [twins],'" Crafton told Fox 7 News. "I didn't think about that. I saw two little babies." She said the image of the two boys eradicated any thoughts of abortion, despite the high risks associated with such a pregnancy.

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"How could you do something to two little babies, just looking like they're hugging each other?" she said.

The twins' physician, Dr. Paul Browne of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Georgia Regents University and Health System, said the twins have a good prognosis for survival, despite their sharing one heart and liver.

“What makes this case special, is that the heart the twins share is quite normal and has been functioning very well for them," Browne explained to Fox 7 News. "So, we believe it will continue to function well after the delivery."

According to the hospital, one of the babies would need a heart from a donor if they were to be surgically separated.

"We wish they had separate hearts because then it would be easier to make a plan on helping them be separated," Browne explained to WRDW 12. "For right now we're happy that they're healthy and they're doing well joined together. So we'll worry about separating them when they're a little bit older."

Source: Fox 7 News, WRDW 12 News / Photo credit: WRDW 12 News


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