Gay Rights Group Fighting To Take Down 'Gay Cure' Smartphone App

A gay rights advocacy group is fighting against an iPhone and Android smart phone application that claims to cure gayness.

The group, All Out, has requested both Apple iOS and Google Android take the app, called Setting Captives Free, out of its stores. Apple agreed, but Google still has it available, for free, in the Google Play Store.

The app claims to provide guidance for spiritual and medical problems, but focuses on its 60-day solution to cure gayness. Despite the fact that the American Psychiatric Association, the Pan-American Health Organization, other health agencies, as well as most of the American public have denied that a “gay cure” is possible, the group is worried that “vulnerable people” may think it possible.

“There is absolutely zero evidence that programs like Setting Captives Free work,” said Andre Banks, the spokesperson for All Out. “It is so ridiculous that anyone would think an iPhone or Android app could cure someone’s sexual orientation that it is easy to laugh this off, but there are vulnerable people who don’t know better and will try this app and fail to change. We are most concerned about those who will harm themselves as a result of this insane app.”

Apple, a strong supporter of gay rights that goes so far as to provide health insurance coverage for partners of gay workers, supports the All Out petition to get rid of the app in all stores. The group has collected over 37,000 signatures so far to pressure Google into taking the application out of its app store. 

Sources: Inquisitr, Metro


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