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Gay Couple Asked to Leave Mall, Protesters Arrive (Video)

Hundreds of gay rights activists showed up for a peaceful protest at the Roseville Galleria in Roseville, California, on Saturday because a gay couple had been asked to leave the mall for holding hands and kissing earlier in the week (video below).

Shara Murphy, executive director of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, said the goal of the 'Love is Love' protest was “to understand why the community was hurt by their response.”

According to CBS Sacramento, the protest began after an unidentified security guard asked an unidentified gay couple to leave for being affectionate.

Murphy says that she hopes the mall will "have more training for their employees, to be a better ally in the community. What’s important is love, and all love is love, and we respect individuals and their right to love."

The Roseville Galleria's initial response was to defend the security guard, but mall officials listened to the community and changed their mind.

The mall even offered water and food for people who came out to the protest.

“Someone was made to feel singled out,” said Roseville Galleria Executive Director Stephanie Ringey, who said the mall is taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Source: CBS Sacramento


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