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Gay Activists Faulty Report on Kids Raised by Gay Couples

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Some of the most effective arguments for protecting man-woman marriage have to do with the well-being of children. Now, a group of liberal organizations is fighting back with a 125-page report, "All Children Matter," claiming that same-sex "marriage" would actually be good for children--children being raised by homosexuals, that is.

The report kicks off with the claim that "roughly two million children are being raised by LGBT parents." Since the Census Bureau has calculated that only 115,064 households consist of same-sex couples with children, this seems highly unlikely, since it would mean that either a huge number of single parents are homosexual--or each homosexual couple is raising 18 kids!

The report says "unequal treatment and social stigma" harm these kids, while stubbornly refusing to acknowledge that the destruction of the natural family is the greater threat.

Still, some may argue that providing legal "protections" to kids of homosexual parents (by legalizing same-sex "marriage") wouldn't hurt anyone else. Yet scholar Stanley Kurtz has pointed out that in the Netherlands, "a remarkable and long-lasting spike in its out-of-wedlock birthrate" resulted from recognition of homosexual partnerships and same-sex "marriage," because "once marriage stops being about binding mothers and fathers together for the sake of their children, the need to get married gradually disappears."

We can't afford to let that happen here.


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