Coroner Investigating Garry Shandling's Cause Of Death


The doctor of comedian Garry Shandling is refusing to sign his death certificate, prompting the coroner’s office to investigate.

Shandling died on March 24 from what sources have told TMZ was a massive heart attack.

His primary physician, who had not seen the comedian in over a year, is reportedly refusing to sign his death certificate because he does not know how or why he died, and that as far as he knew Shandling was in good health.

The day before Shandling died, a doctor visited his home because he was experiencing shortness of breath and body aches, TMZ reported.

The doctor called Shandling the morning of March 24 to check on him, and when the comedian told him his symptoms were still present he said to go immediately to the emergency room.

Shandling ordered a car to take him to the hospital but before it arrived he called 911. He collapsed during the 911 call.

When paramedics arrived at his home, a limousine from the service was there.

Due to the fact that his doctor has refused to sign his death certificate, an official investigation into his cause of death has been opened by the L.A. County Coroner, according to TMZ.

Investigators have already subpoenaed Shandling’s medical records and collected blood work performed at the ER where he was pronounced dead.

The coroner’s investigation will officially determine Shandling’s cause of death.

Sources: TMZ (2) / Photo credit: TMZ

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