Garry McCandless Has Brain Tumor Removed Through Nose (Video)


A medical team at the U Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis recently removed a small brain tumor from Garry McCandless via his nose.

Dr. Aaron Cohen, a neurosurgeon at the hospital, removed the tumor from the base of the brain in a procedure that took four hours (video below).

According to WISH-TV, the surgery is called "endoscopic transnasal tumor resection."

First, an an ear, nose and throat surgeon burned tissues with a laser inside McCandless' nostrils to clear the way for the cancer surgery.

Then a small camera was inserted through the nostrils to view the cancerous tumor as Cohen removed it on Thursday.

WISH-TV actually filmed the surgery inside the operating room.

"We would not have known what we were dealing with a month ago when this started affecting my eyesight," McCandless told WISH-TV. "I like it a whole lot better than cutting a hole in the top of your head,"

"We both believe very strongly that God has a purpose in our lives," said his wife Rosemary.

Source: WISH-TV


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