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'Gallon Smashing' Becomes New Internet Craze, Teens Destroy Milk Jugs in Stores (Video)

Some teens are picking up on a new internet craze called "gallon smashing," which is when someone pretends to slip and drops a gallon of milk in a store while their friends record them on a cell phone.

Butte, Montana police say an unidentified 15-year-old boy was cited with misdemeanor criminal mischief and theft for intentionally destroying two one-gallon cartons of milk in a Walmart last Friday evening (video below).

According to The Montana Standard, the teen allegedly grabbed two one-gallon jugs of milk and threw them on the floor, while other teens recorded the incident with their cell phones, according to Undersheriff George Skuletich.

Employees detained the teen accused of smashing the milk, but the other teens got away.

The boy allegedly told police that his friends wanted to record him smashing the milk and then post the video on YouTube.

“It’s goofy,” Undersheriff Skuletich said. “You might think it’s a prank or whatever, but you are destroying other people’s property and committing a theft.”

Source: The Montana Standard


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