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New Gym Cardio Machine Targets Thighs

 The folks from Fitnessbotics were kind enough to invite me to their facility to check out a brand new toy they’ve come up with called the G Sycle. All I have to say is beware, thighs of thunder…Beware! There’s a new machine in town that has my legs feeling like Jell-O. I have finally found a machine that specifically targets my most problematic area—that region of the leg that thunders and booms. It also zones in on the glutes and the core—other special areas we all love and appreciate.

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I have to be honest; I’m the girl who avoids gym machines like the plague. I can never push myself quite as hard as I need to, but on the G Sycle, I literally felt the burn after only a minute in. It’s a sweet little machine that simulates skiing/skating. You get in squat position and you move side to side. There’s different zones for the novice, intermediate and rock star, and new heart-rate technology that finds your pulse faster. Perfect, since everything else is pretty darn fast.

Good news? This is my dream machine and I could rock that piece of equipment every day with gusto. The machine produced movements my body definitely was not used to doing. (I haven’t snow skied since 9th grade) but I learned fairly quickly my body loves the element of surprise. Bad news? It’s brand new and currently only available in a few locations in California and South Carolina. The G Sycle team is working on filling more gyms with the love though, so be on the lookout!

Until the G Sycle, I was at a loss for good thigh workouts that didn’t make me groan with disdain. How do you take the thunder out of your thighs? Inquiring thighs want to know!—Tish


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