Funny Video: Parents Record Boy Coming Out of Anesthesia

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In what appears to be an online trend, more parents are videotaping their children coming out of drug-induced anesthesia and posting it on the web.

The latest offering (video below) features a boy named 'Matt' who entertained his family while regaining consciousness after having arm surgery, reports The Daily Mail.

The video, posted by, shows Matt speaking like a frat boy saying: "Hey kids, what's up?" 

The youngster says he feels dizzy and then asks "Why do I feel dizzy?" as family members weep with laughter.

When someone approaches him, Matt asks: 'Why is there two of you?" and then adds "Hey Dad, what's up? What's up man?"

After realizing he has a cast, the boy wonders: "Hey, what's this big orange thing on my arm, man?" He concludes: "I just farted. You know what I'm sayin?"


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