More Evidence: Yoga Improves Sex Life

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Ladies, feeling like you want to stoke the sensual fire?

Since the advent of Viagra, pharmaceutical companies have been on the hunt for an equivalent “solution” to female “sexual dysfunctions.” I’m putting those terms in quotation marks because they deserve to be treated critically. I’m opposed to pill-popping and the idea that women’s sexual responses can be analyzed and then labeled—with men’s as the benchmark.

A recent article in Psychology Today suggested that what influences women’s sexual responses is, surprise, more complex than what influences men’s. The article went on to report that for most women some of the biggest barriers to a satisfying sex life are:

- The inability to be present. Women are tending to worry about the kids, wonder if the dog’s been fed, and what the neighbours might think if they overhear.

- Insecurities. Men are thinking “Damn, this feels good.” Women: “I need to switch positions, this one doesn’t flatter me at all.”

It got me thinking about how yoga practices can help.

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The following article was written by Lindsey Lewis for Elephant Journal


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