From the Field to the Mat | Ricky Williams Turns to Yoga

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Professional football player Ricky Williams turned to yoga after a controversial bout with marijuana abuse.

The Heisman Trophy winner discovered that yoga could help him find a sense of balance that his abuse of drugs, alcohol and fame were taking away from him. Two months after being traded to the Miami Dolphins, Williams quit the NFL and signed up to take a yoga teacher training course in India.

He said, “The focus and clarity I gained from the knowledge changed my entire life perspective; I realized that happiness doesn’t come from external objects like cars, money, fame, or even from family. Happiness is our true nature when our minds are still.”

Check out this interview with Williams as he explains how for him, yoga means being happy… ” to see love, to see god, to see everything.”

Click here to view the embedded video.

Williams plans to return to Miami, resume his NFL career, and teach his teammates how the yogic lifestyle can help them.

Williams’ story is truly inspiring and shows the power that yoga has to create balance and happiness in everyones lives.


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