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Frog Yoga Alphabet Free: You Don’t Have to Be in Toronto to Get this Special Deal

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That's Janet Williams on the left with me at our A Children's Yoga Network booth at the Toronto Yoga Show.

I’m at the Toronto Yoga Show all weekend where I’ve already had the joy of meeting many readers of this blog in person. Thanks to everyone who’s dropped by to say hello and to see Yoga Man and Frog Yoga Alphabet.

To those not able to make it to Toronto this weekend for the Yoga Show I wanted to offer the Yoga Show special to all my readers. I’ll be doing a full Frog Yoga Alphabet launch in the coming weeks but you can get it for free when you buy Yoga Man vs. Stressor from the Yoga Show page.

Just go on over to the Yoga Show Specials page and click the “Yoga Man vs. The Stressor With FREE BONUS Frog Yoga Alphabet” link.

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My newphew Aidan showing off his Yoga Man shirt at the Yoga Show. Aidan stars in the Yoga Man Sun Salutation Teacher Training Package.

For those in Toronto come down to the Metro Convention Center to join in the fun at the Yoga Show and Conference.

I hope to see you there!


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