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Friends Dare Dhaou Fatnassi to Eat 28 Raw Eggs, He Dies Afterward

A spoonful of raw cookie dough may not make you sick, but 28 raw eggs will kill you.

Dhaou Fatnassi, a 20-year-old man from Tunisia, ate 28 raw eggs in one sitting when a group of his friends dared him to do it. He won the bet but lost his life.

Soon after consuming the eggs, he felt pains in his stomach. Before medical assistance arrived, he was dead. While an official cause of death is unconfirmed, it is most likely due to eating so many raw eggs.

Many believe that raw eggs aren’t harmful. Athletes guzzle them down in protein drinks and who hasn’t licked the spoon of batter when baking a cake? However, many doctors and medical websites, like HealthMad, agree it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Only around 1 in 30,000 eggs contain Salmonella but there’s no way to tell if your egg is Salmonella-free.

Just a few months ago, 32-year-old Edward Archbold died after eating a large number of insects during a contest. Almost immediately after the challenge, he collapsed and was pronounced dead at the local hospital.


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