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Fresno Sex Ed: 'Just Get Plenty of Rest'

A school district in Fresno, California is being sued by The American Civil Liberties Union for allegedly failing to provide a comprehensive sex education to its students.

Serving over 39,000 kids and teenagers, the Clovis Unified school district currently uses the textbook “Lifetime Health.” Failing to list contraceptives as adequate means of pregnancy prevention and STD transmission, the textbook apparently fits the teachings of Clovis Unified.

According to ThinkProgess, students are taught that HIV can be transmitted through kissing and STDs can be prevented though an active social live, abstinence and “getting plenty of rest."

The ACLU, which is suing on behalf of two students' parents, has garnered support from others. Parent and health instructor Mica Ghimenti joined the suit, saying, “I want there to be medically accurate, scientifically based education for all youth in Clovis Unified.”

When Clovis Unified representative Kelly Avants was asked about the state of the district’s sex education program, she said it fully complied with California’s law. She refrained from commenting when asked about the claims made by the ACLU.

Coincidentally, the California State Department of Health reported last week that cases of Syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea have increased between 2010 to 2011. 


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