Fox News Tries to Undermine Obamacare Enrollment Numbers (Video)


Fox News has always opposes Obamacare, but may have sunk to a new low today when reporting Obamacare enrollment numbers.

A disproportioned Fox News graphic, which aired today on "America's Newsroom," shows the March 31 goal (7,066,000) of Obamacare to be massively larger than the March 27 enrollment numbers (6,000,000) notes (video below).

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) originally estimated about 7 million people would sign up, but Fox News failed to mention that the CBO changed its estimated enrollment to 6 million because of the initial problems with the Obamacare website.

However, Obamacare enrollment may still hit 7 million as 6.55 million were enrolled yesterday. The actual numbers may be closer to 9.5 million.

According to The Los Angeles Times, two million previously uninsured people have enrolled in private insurance coverage, 4.5 million previously uninsured people have coverage via Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and three million previously uninsured young people are covered by their parents’ insurance plans, bringing the total of newly-insured Americans under Obamacare to 9.5 million.

Sources: The Los Angeles Times and


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