Fox News Host Eric Bolling Encourages Young People Not to Get Health Insurance (Video)


Fox News host Eric Bolling recently advised young Americans not to get health insurance, even though that choice leaves them in a possibly life-threatening situation if they were to need medical care.

According to, Bolling gave young people his bizarre advice on his show 'Cashin' In' on Saturday (video below).

The Fox News host complained, “$17 million of our tax dollars, per a month, to get young people to buy into Obamacare.”

Oddly, Bolling made no mention of "our tax dollars" being spent on emergency rooms where people with no health insurance are forced to go for primary care.

Bolling's guest Jonathan Hoenig actually claimed that taking the penalty for not being insured was a "good deal."

Bolling and Hoenig were upset that the Obama administration has been encouraging young people to sign up for health insurance, but neither offered any outrage over President Bush promoting his new Medicare prescription drug plan in 2006.

"If you're a low income senior, the government's going to pick up a significant portion of your tab," President Bush told a town hall in 2006, noted Fox News. "If you're an average income senior, you're going to see your drug bills cut in half. If you're a taxpayer, the anticipated costs are significantly lower than we thought. It's working. It makes a lot of sense."

Instead, Bolling stated, "Fiscally speaking, young people probably should take the penalty.”

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