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Fox News Host Claims Healthy Food School Rules Cause Mental Problems (Video)

The New York City Board of Health recently announced some new guidelines for licensed day care centers.

The new rules only allow 100 percent fruit juice to be served to kids who are two years old or older. Those children are only allowed to drink four ounces per day.

The city's health officials believe that children drink too much juice in and out of day care centers, which is contributing to childhood obesity.

Today on Fox News' "Outnumbered," the co-hosts discussed these rules and similar ones in schools (video below).

Andrea Tantaros said, "I think they are well intentioned. They want to get kids healthy, but we’re hearing reports of kids being hungry at the school, that this is causing mental problems,” noted and

However, reports of school children going hungry have been found to be caused by kids throwing healthy food out.

Tantoras added, “I mean, I’m flashing back to the days when we had the presidential fitness award and they would weigh us all in school. It’s pretty traumatizing, especially if you’re the fat kid."

These days, children in day care centers and schools are not required to be weighed.

When guest and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly said that healthy standards were needed, Tantaros replied, "Bill, we’re raising a generation of people with eating disorders, especially girls. Bill, that's absolutely true, it’s been documented. It’s this hyper-focus on everything we eat."

However, it hasn't been documented that healthy eating rules cause eating disorders.

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Image Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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