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Fox News: Hillary's Glasses = Brain Damage? (Video)

As Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been climbing in the polls, Fox News has been pushing unproven assertions about her health. On August 18, "Fox and Friends" suggested that Clinton's glasses may be a symptom of "brain damage and other things" (video below).

The co-hosts brought up Dr. Drew Pinsky who reportedly said on his radio show on August 17 that he was "gravely concerned” about Clinton’s health, notes Media Matters.

Pinsky is not Clinton's doctor and has not issued any statements regarding that broadcast.

Co-host Steve Doocy said: "What [Pinsky] said on the radio yesterday, which has been taken down apparently by the radio station, is that the fact that when we saw Hillary Clinton wearing those prism glasses, a sign of brain damage and other things, and he's worried about the care she's getting so far."

Co-host Brian Kilmeade added: "And if you want to remember when she was wearing those glasses, remember when she made that famous line to Senator Ron Johnson, 'What difference at this point does it make?' That's when she had those glasses on."

A Clinton spokesperson said in January 2013 that Clinton was wearing some special glasses following a fall in December 2012 in which she suffered a concussion, reported the New York Daily News at the time, but there was no mention of any permanent brain damage, nor has there been any confirmation since.

Earlier this month, CNN host Brian Stelter slammed Fox News' Sean Hannity, who openly supports Trump, for promoting health conspiracies about Clinton, noted

That was reckless speculation by Sean Hannity, all of it. This whole "Clinton is secretly sick" thing has been promoted by conservative news sites for years. There is a grain of truth to the idea about her health because she did have a health scare in 2012.

It was well reported at the time. But her doctors say she is now physically fit to be president and there's no doubt about that.

But Hannity’s not interested in the truth about Clinton’s health. If he was, he could have interviewed people who were actually there during the episodes that he's exploiting.

Sources: Media Matters, New York Daily News, / Photo credit: Fox News via YouTube

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