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Fox News’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Obamacare Is Hurting 65-Year-Old Pregnant Women (Video)

Fox News’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck said Monday that Obamacare is hurting elderly women, 65 and older, who are “expecting babies.”

“Fox & Friends” spoke with Fox Business host Stuart Varney on the subject of Americans having to change physicians because “United Healthcare has just dropped — we don’t know exactly how many — but thousands of doctors have been dropped from United Heathcare’s Medicare Advantage program.”

“That leaves hundreds of thousands of patients without the doctor that they’ve had for many many years,” Varney explained. “We don’t know how many thousands have been dropped, but thousands have been dropped. What about their patients? What about the people who used to have this doctor who now no longer have this doctor? Broken promise.”

“And many of those people are women who are expecting babies and who may just have a real relationship with their physician and want to see the same doctor deliver possibly their second child,” Hasselbeck said. “And they are now left in the dark in a time that they feeling quite vulnerable.”

“Most of them are elderly,” Varney added.

According to United Healthcare, Medicare Advantage customers are not offered maternity coverage.

Women experience a decline in fertility each year after age 35, says the American Pregnancy Association.

Hasselbeck said last month that insurance policy cancellation are part of Obamacare’s grand design, not to provide Americans with more comprehensive coverage, but to force them into the state marketplaces.

“That’s the grand design of Obamacare, to squeeze everyone out of their existing plans, to squeeze insurance companies so they have an option to cut and run from the American people and put everyone into the system,” Hasselbeck said. “Why? Because everyone in the system has to pay for it. So if you don’t have anybody in the system, you got to get them in there. How do you do that? You squeeze them out of their existing situation.”

Sources: Raw Story, Mediaite


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