Fox News Doctor: Fix Transgender Kids With Shots (Video)


Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist who regularly appears on Fox News, suggested that transgender children should be injected with testosterone and estrogen to make them "go with nature" and conform to their biological sex, during a "Fox & Friends" broadcast April 25 (video below). notes that Ablow's injection idea was tried in the 1940s to "cure" homosexual and lesbians, but was debunked.

As he has before, Ablow began the segment by comparing transgender people to a hypothetical situation of folks pretending to be older in order to receive Medicare, and others changing their race.

Co-host Steve Doocy then did an exasperated set up for Ablow's solution as he (Doocy) has done previously.

"So you're suggesting that people can select their gender, they could select their race, they could select their age," Doocy asked. "How do we get to this place?"

Ablow repled:

We got to this place because we care about people. We don't want to hurt people's feelings. OK, I understand that. We're also too politically correct. But look, there's not a lot of scientific evidence that it's better to approach transgender youth with the opposite hormone because we inject them with massive doses of testosterone if they're female to say, "Look we'll make you more comfortable with your chosen gender."

You know, we don't even explore, should it be more estrogen? Should we go with nature and say maybe we'll make you more female, you'll feel more comfortable? There aren't these explorations.

On its website, the American Psychological Association answers the question, "What should parents do if their child appears to be transgender or gender nonconforming?" with: "It is not helpful to force the child to act in a more gender-conforming way."

Ablow supported his position by painting another hypothetical of young people resisting a military draft by determining their own age via feelings and thus placing the nation's security at risk:

We don't treat with psychiatric medicines by and large to say maybe this is a bit of a fixed and false belief. Not different than if you thought you were black person when you are caucasian. The science isn't even there.

And so if we have a draft, God forbid, and we're trying to save our nation, are we really prepared for 18-year-olds and 20-year-olds to assert that they are really more like 12-year-olds?

They feel it. They're immature. Their whole families have said, "Look, much too immature to be drafted." That's where we're headed. Do we want to head there?

Sources: MediaMatters.orgAmerican Psychological Association / Photo credit: Fox News/SanVic via YouTube

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