Fox News Criticizes Adele and Kelly Clarkson's Weight for Four Minutes (Video)

While other news networks were covering blizzard damage, a cop killer on the run and the Pope's upcoming resignation, Fox News spent four minutes and 30 seconds today on whether or not singers Adele and Kelly Clarkson needed to lose weight (video below).

For reasons unknown, Fox News did not discuss any male performers and their weight.

According to ThinkProgress.org, the gossipy story was based on one tweet from one viewer of Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, who Fox News host Neil Cavuto called "critics."

Fox News invited guest nutritionist Keren Gilbert to offer suggestions as to how the two women could lose weight, even though Gilbert has never examined Adele or Clarkson in person and does not know how much either woman actually weigh.

"Well, Adele and Kelly Clarkson cleaning up [at the Grammy's]," said Cavuto. "Now critics are saying they need to slim down and their current weight is nothing to idolize. Is that criticism fair?"

"We have processed food and we’re always struggling with and people are saying, looking at Adele and saying, 'Look at what she has accomplished. I could be overweight like her. I don’t need to address these issues in my life.' And what I’m saying is Adele is a beautiful woman and so is Kelly Clarkson," said Gilbert.

In the past, Adele has said of her weight and critics: “I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn’t,” and “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.”

Clarkson has discussed her weight loss in regard to her personal health.

Source: ThinkProgress.org


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