Fox News Contributor Says Michelle Obama 'Needs To Drop A Few' Pounds (Video)


Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow, known for his sometimes outrageous opinions, argued Tuesday that Michelle Obama shouldn’t be the authority on healthy eating because she “needs to drop a few” pounds.

The panel on Fox’s “Outnumbered” was discussing Mrs. Obama’s plans to keep American children eating healthy when Ablow made his comment.

“How well could she be eating? She needs to drop a few,” Ablow said. “Let’s be honest. We’re taking nutrition advice from who?”

Ablow’s comments shocked his female co-hosts, who tried to banter over his remaining dialogue on the First Lady. However, Ablow was insistent.

“There’s no french fries happening? That’s all kale and carrots?” Ablow said. “I don’t buy it. Just saying.”

Ablow added that he’d rather receive nutrition advice from Barack Obama and that he doesn’t support the use of vegetables in the school lunch program.

Ablow has been criticized in the past for his shocking opinions, including his theory that the World Cup was a plot to distract the American people.

Sources: Business Insider, NY Daily News


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