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Fourth Grader Zachary Maxwell Creates Documentary About School's Horrible Meals

An 11-year-old boy who attends a New York City public school was upset when his parents said he could not bring a lunch to school, and should instead buy lunches there. He was upset mainly because the lunches at his school were disgusting.

In order to convince his family that the school lunches were not only disgusting, but unhealthy, he secretly filmed his meals and created a documentary out of it.

Zachary Maxwell put together the film, with the help of his father, which included meals he ate over a six month period.

Titled "Yuck: A 4th Grader's Short Documentary About School Lunch," the 20-minute film has captured the attention of many film festivals, and is even set to be screened at the Manhattan Film Festival next month.

"The city's Department of Education says that it's committed to providing 'delicious and nutritious meals through their food service program,'" Maxwell says in the trailer, "But the lunch being served at my school was nothing like what they were advertising on their website."

A clip reveals that his school supposedly enlisted the helped of celebrity chefs, like Rachel Ray and Ellie Krieger, to come up with healthy food options. But Maxwell discovered that the school was not using the chefs' recommendations, as most of the meals were bland and unappetizing. 

The school is upset over the film, as a spokesperson for the school board accused Maxwell of doctoring footage by selectively serving himself food that did not include healthy elements.

And at one point, his project almost collapsed, as his teacher caught him filming without permission. He managed to get away with it by pretending he had deleted the footage.

Despite the school's outrage, Maxwell is receiving praise from others. He has been asked to serve as an adviser to the New York City Department of Education's Office of School Food.

Since filming the documentary, he has started bringing his food from home.

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