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Anesthesia Caused Death Of 14-Month-Old At Dentist

A 14-month-old girl died as a result of complications with the general anesthesia she was given at a Texas dental practice.

State investigators who conducted an autopsy could not confirm whether other factors contributed to the death of Daisy Lynn Torres, according to KXAN.

Daisy died March 29 after being taken to Austin Children’s Dentistry to be treated for tooth decay. The dental surgeon said that Daisy had six cavities, rather than the two they had seen originally.

Staff said that administering a general anesthetic to young patients was a normal procedure.

After the procedure began, the dentist told the girl’s mother, Betty Squier, that everything was fine. But he later said that Daisy had stopped breathing and CPR had been administered.

“We are absolutely devastated She was our little baby girl. She was just going to the dentist and she never came home,” Daisy’s father, Elizandro Torres, said in a statement to KXAN. “She was very smart. She was learning her ABCs and how to sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.'”

Following the medical examiner’s ruling, an attorney for the dentist stressed that his client was not involved in administering the anesthetic.

“In response to your story regarding the death of Daisy Lynn Torres, you should know the pediatric dentist had nothing to do with the anesthesia Daisy received. In fact, the dentist has never provided general anesthesia to any patients at any time in his career. Instead, the dentist relied on a ward-certified medical anesthesiologist and the anesthesiologist’s support team,” a statement from Jason Ray to KXAN read.

Austin Children’s Dentistry continued to see patients after the incident.

“Like Daisy’s parents, the pediatric dentist has been greatly affected by this heartbreaking event, which is the first medical incident in his career. His heart goes out to the parents and family of the child,” Ray’s statement continued.

The Texas Board of Dental Examiners is investigating Daisy’s death. It confirmed the investigation and said it could take another year to complete.

Other patients were waiting at the practice when the incident occurred.

“You immediately, as a parent, put yourself in those shoes. You don’t want to think about it but it’s possible. It can happen to anybody’s kid,” said Janice Hernandez, who was in the waiting room with her child when Daisy was rushed out by paramedics, KXAN reported.

Sources: KXAN(2) / Photo credit: Torres family via Daily Mail

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