Four Cups A Day Keeps The Doctor Away: How Coffee Can Improve Your Life


Just when coffee lovers did not need another reason to get a second helping of caffeine in the morning, a hot pick-me-up could improve your health in a myriad of ways.

LiftBump reports that a story from Healthy Holistic Living that two cups a coffee a day not only gives you the caffeine necessary to face the world, but it is also a rich source of nutrients such as Riboflavin, Vitamin B5 and Manganese.

Researchers reportedly found evidence to suggest that coffee enthusiasts who drink four or more cups per day are at lower risk to experience deteriorating health and diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease,  dementia and liver cancer.

The regular coffee drinker may even receive more antioxidants from those two cups than the total amount of fruits and vegetables they might eat.

The caffeine that flows through your body when you drink coffee also increases your brain function and reaction time and improve your mood.

If that was not enough, coffee lovers reportedly live longer.

Coffee has been the subject of several studies that have linked it to many severe side effects in the past. According to CNN, coffee consumption was once associated with heart attacks, blindness, stunt growth and even poor grades.

However, the most recent data from the United States Department of Agriculture states that there is no evidence to suggest drinking coffee can cause long-term health risks. Moderate consumption(three to five cups a day) of coffee is believed to actually reduce the risk of several diseases.

Sources: LiftBump, Healthy Holistic Living, CNN, United States Department of Agriculture, Photo Credit: Christine H/Flickr


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