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Foundation Saves Seeing Eye Dog Isabella and Blind K9 Friend Isaac

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but the reverse doesn’t hold true for a husky named Isaac.

Isaac, who is believed to suffer from a form of glaucoma, was found on the streets of San Bernardino, California, and taken in by the San Bernardino City Shelter in Hermosa Beach. There, Isaac met Isabella, a terrier mix, who has been at his side ever since.

Workers at the shelter describe the dynamic duo as “inseparable” as Isabella acts as Isaac’s personal seeing eye dog when they trek around the shelter grounds.

“If anyone makes too quick a move or too aggressive a move, she will step out and bark or let the person or dog know, 'Be careful I'm watching out for this guy,’” said Fred Kaplan of the STAND Foundation.

The adorable friendship between these two pups inspired Kaplan and the STAND Foundation to pay for their care until the two are adopted. Both were going to be put down this week before STAND offered to sponsor the costs of supporting the two.

“It’s a very touching story,” Kaplan said. “These two are a great example of why animals are so special.”

The shelter workers are currently seeking a loving home that will take both dogs — it would be inhumane to separate the pair, they said.

"They're the dynamic duo, they're a bonded pair and they're inseparable," said Kaplan. "They tend to want to walk together and stay close together all the time. If there's any separation between Isaac and Isabella, Isabella gets very concerned and is always backtracking to ensure he's aware of her presence."

The two will be ready for adoption once a veterinarian checks out the two dogs. Financial contributions can be sent to the STAND Foundation, P.O. Box 5921, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, or use for PayPal.

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