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Former Rep. Barney Frank Supports Cocaine, Heroin Legalization

Former Representative Barney Frank, R-Mass., has long been an advocate of legalizing marijuana, but now he is also coming out in favor of legalizing other drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

The former congressman is writing a book about how government can be improved, according to the Huffington Post, and believes that social services provided by the government could be received more favorably by the public if the government spent more money and effort. To accommodate increased spending in social service areas, Frank suggests the government cut back in military spending and decriminalize drugs.

While Frank contends he is not a smoker or drug user himself — though he admits to have eaten “pot cookies,” but those didn’t "have a huge effect on me," he said — he firmly believes that if it only affects the person consuming the drug, then there should not be a problem.

"The question is are there drugs that have a very good likelihood of making me misbehave toward others? I do not believe heroin is in that category," said Frank. "What makes people misbehave is the need to steal money to buy heroin. First of all, with cocaine, let's just cut through the bull----. There are a lot of very high-functioning people in this society on cocaine. Cocaine is the rich people's drug. That is just silly."

Frank said that a drug should only be illegal if it "affects the way I deal with other people," such as PCP. Cocaine and heroin, according to the former congressman, do not fall into that category.

Frank was one of the first legislators pushing to legalize marijuana, and even filed legislation to legalize it back in 1972. He even attempted to push for heroin legalization, which obviously failed.

The Huffington Post asked Frank if he had ever tried or wanted to try heroin, but according to him, he has never had the urge.

"Never been tempted," Frank said. "I like to be in control. I don’t drink very much either. I almost never drink hard liquor. I have maybe a glass of wine every two or three days."

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