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Former Bond Girl Poses in Bikini at 62 Years Old

Former Bond girl Jane Seymour, 62, recently posed in a pink bikini for the cover of the magazine Closer Weekly.

"I’m in better shape now in some ways than I was when I was doing the [1973] Bond film [Live and Let Die]," Seymour told Closer Weekly. "I just want to be as healthy as I can be for as long as I can. No diets here. I hate to deny myself things. If I have pasta, I'll just eat half of it."

"I don’t do major fasts or work out crazily every day," added Seymour. "I hope I can inspire people!”

The actress, who weighs 115 pounds, plays tennis and golf to stay in shape. She also swims, power walks and does push-ups.

Seymour did admit to getting breast implants in 1995, an eye-lift and Botox injections, which she regrets.

"I tried [Botox] and hated it. I’d never do it again," stated Seymour. "For me it doesn’t work because I’m an actor and I need to be able to move every part of my face. I think I’m being hired a lot because I haven’t done all the stuff everyone else is doing."

Seymour shared more of her secrets: "I always wear a hat when I’m out in the sun. I drink a lot of water, and my skin is at its best when I’ve had sleep."

According to the Daily Mail, Seymour has been married four times and is separated from her husband of 20 years, director James Keach.

She has two children and grand kids.

Sources: Closer Weekly and Daily Mail


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