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Can Party Drug Ketamine Reduce Post-Op C-Section Pain?

Block the pain. Forget the pain. Recreational drug users have long found that blocking out parts of our memories seem to enhance other parts. It has to do with getting away from the laundry list of daily tasks and drifting over to those thoughts induced by dopamine and various opioids on our brain. The result: euphoria. Enough euphoria to want the drug again.

But a group of physicians from Northwestern University decided to use those properties to combat postpartum depression. it was an intriguing thought; it didn't work, but it might in future studies.

What they did find, in a year follow-up of 82 women, was that giving ketamine in just a single dose after C-section reduced post-op C-section pain. There were two women in the placebo group that reported depression at a year - none in this ketamine group - giving the researchers hope that they could still use this chemical signal to their benefit.


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