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Footage Shows Doctors Removing Live Fish From Man's Intestine (Video)

Bizarre footage shows a live fish being removed from a man’s intestine, and now the man is taking action against the medical workers who filmed it without his consent.

In the strange clip, surgeons are seen operating on a man in Londrina, Brazil, and eventually, they begin to pull a live South American lungfish out of his intestines. The doctors pull the eel-like fish out from the man’s intestines and wrap it in a cloth. It’s disturbing that the fish was alive, and it is said to have been around two feet long. Since the surgery, the fish has been euthanized.

Footage of the procedure quickly made its way onto the Internet, and now, the man has lodged a formal complaint against the staff at Hospital Universitário in Londrina. During the procedure, the medical professionals can be heard laughing as the fish is being removed from the man’s stomach, and some can be heard saying things like, “This one is for the history,” and even, “I have just sent the pic by mail.”

Since the complaint was filed, the dean of the hospital has banned cell phone use inside the surgical center to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

An investigation into the actions of the surgeons has been launched, and they could be punished for taping and distributing footage of the procedure without the patient’s consent.

Sources: Daily Mail, Esmeralda Noticias


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