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How to Get Yourself and Your Kids Out of a Lunch Rut

The good folks at The Kitchn are focusing on lunch all week. And aren’t we happy about it! Who doesn’t need more tips for making quick and easy healthy lunches? I, for one, depend on leftovers that can be easily packed. You can see that by perusing the lunch category. When that’s not an option, more often than not, I end up making one of five go-to sammys: tuna (with grated carrot and red pepper), egg salad (with relish), cheese & avocado (plain, grilled or in quesadilla form), pb&j or turkey (cheese, avocado, mayo, pesto—the possibilities are endless). All good stuff that me and the little ones enjoy, but not completely without need of inspiration.

What do you eat for lunch? Is it the same for you and the kids?

If you could use some new ideas, too, follow The Kitchn more closely than usual this week. There’s already a ton of inspiration and it’s only Tuesday. My favorite posts so far: 10 Plastic Free Lunch Boxes and 9 Fresh & Satisfying Grain Salads (that are easy to make ahead, store in the fridge, and pack as needed).

With all this talk of improving school lunch, I say we really get down in it. Let’s make lunch better and healthier for all of us. Like every other aspect of home cooking, with a little thought and planning, it isn’t hard to do.

Photo by Bright_Star via Flickr


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