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Flu Develops Into Serious Illness, Costing A 2-Year-Old Boy His Fingers And Toes

Liam Young is just 2 years old, but what started as a battle with the flu has evolved into a medical mystery that’s cost him his fingers and toes. 

In October, Liam was taken to Dubuque-Finley hospital in Iowa for flu symptoms, but as his condition quickly deteriorated, he was transported to University of Iowa Children's Hospital. Physicians there told Liam’s family that his immune system didn’t know how to react to the virus, so it started attacking his body instead, KWWL reported.

Doctors still aren’t entirely sure why Liam is so ill. He’s had to receive blood transfusions and undergo dialysis and on Dec. 11, Liam had to undergo surgery again to have skin grafted to his legs to try to restore some of the tissue he’s lost. Bone was also removed from Liam’s foot, but the procedures was a success, according to a Facebook page called “Updates for Liam.”

Friends have started a crowd funding campaign to alleviate some of the financial burden facing the Young family and so far they’ve raised $6,140 of their $7,500.

Sources: KWWL, GoFundMe, Updates for Liam/Facebook Image via Updates for Liam/Facebook

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