Florida Woman Sues Hospital After Doctors Falsely Diagnosed Her With Cancer And Removed Part Of Rectum

A retiree in Florida claims part of her rectum was surgically removed after doctors made a mistake and diagnosed her with a “very aggressive form of cancer.”

The woman, 68, identified only as Jane Doe, thought she was dying for months after Florida Hospital Winter Park allegedly mislabeled her tissue sample from a routine colonoscopy.

"I literally had my daughter drive down for Minnesota for Christmas because we all thought this was probably the last Christmas we would have together," she said, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Even though more tests and biopsies kept coming back negative, she underwent surgical operation at the hospital to take out the cancer on January 14.

After the surgery, she was glad to find out that there was no cancer in the tissue removed.

But it all went downhill on May 4, when she says her doctor called to inform her that there had never been any cancer.

She later discovered that staff had mixed up her sample with one taken from a man who was suffering from rectal cancer, she alleges.

A Florida Hospital spokeswoman said she would not comment on the case.

The woman filed a lawsuit in state circuit court in Orlando on Tuesday, asking a judge to order the hospital to hand over records that document the mishap, the New York Daily News reports.

The suit claims Florida Hospital has violated federal and state laws, and now the woman wants answers in order to determine whether she can sue for medical negligence.

Sources: Orlando SentinelNew York Daily News

Photo Credit: crucially/Flickr


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