Florida Woman Breastfeeding On Delta Flight Told To ‘Cover Up’ (Video)

A Florida woman who was breastfeeding on a Delta Airlines flight says two flight attendants told her to “cover up.”

Casey Yu was travelling from Atlanta to Tallahassee last weekend after attending a funeral in Connecticut. She said she was breastfeeding her 1-year-old son on Flight 2655, when one attendant gave her a blanket to conceal herself.

“I asked what it was for because I didn’t ask for a blanket and she said it was ‘for you to cover up while you’re nursing.’ I said I don’t need that, thank you. She said ‘well, we’re getting complaints about this.’”

Yu said the flight was late at night and no one was sitting beside her.

Then another flight attendant allegedly approached the mother-of-two and demanded she cover up.

“He was really aggressive,” Yu said. “He leaned over me while I was nursing and said I’m going to need you to cover up. I said no, I’m not covering up. I’m not doing anything wrong. It’s within my rights as a mom who is breastfeeding to feed my baby where I need to.”

When the flight landed Yu asked to see a supervisor and even spoke with the pilot, but the flight attendant allegedly changed her story and denied telling her that there were any complaints.

Yu then took to Twitter to complain, where she found a great deal of support from users.

“My baby and I decide when to nurse. MY BODY, not yours @delta @DeltaAssist @DeltaNewsroom #feedwill,” Yu tweeted on Tuesday.

“No one - NO ONE - decides when or where a mama nurses her child except the mama. Not even a @delta "red jacket". Go @caseyyu! #feedwill,” wrote @mk_rodgers.

One woman tweeted that she’s “delighted to see a strong woman like @caseyyu standing up for her right to #feedwill @Delta, train your staff properly!”

Delta has since issued an apology to Yu and a refund. Airline policy says Delta, “fully supports a woman’s right to breastfeed on board Delta and Delta connection aircraft and Delta facilities.”

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS Tampa Bay


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