Florida Principal George Kenney Hypnotizes Students; 3 Dead


A Florida high school principal is under investigation after three students he had hypnotized died -- two by suicide.

The Daily Mail reports that George Kenney, the principal at North Port High School in North Port, is a certified hypnotist who has written a book on the subject. Kenney admits hypnotizing students, saying it helped them focus in class and on the athletic field. Students volunteered to be hypnotized, and parental consent was required.

But trouble began when 16-year-old Wesley McKinley killed himself in April. It was soon revealed that Kenney had hypnotized McKinley just one day earlier.

Then in May, 17-year-old Brittany Palumbo committed suicide. It turns out Kenney hypnotized her five months before that.

An investigation into a March car crash that killed Marcus Freeman, 16, showed Kenney had hypnotized him six days earlier.

Kenney was suspended in April. When questioned about Palumbo, he initially denied hypnotizing her, but later admitted it. He also defied at least three separate orders to stop hypnotizing students.

The investigation found he had hypnotized at least 75 people at the school, including students, their parents, staff members and their children.

McKinley's mother gave permission for her son to be hypnotized, but she had a "ton of questions," and now wonders if it played a role in the boy's suicide. The investigation showed he had no signs of depression before he killed himself with a drug overdose.


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