Florida Pediatricians Thrilled Doctor/Gun Law Lifted

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Pediatricians in Florida are celebrating a judge's ruling that blocks a law that banned doctors from talking to their patients about guns.

On Wednesday a U.S. District Judge struck down the law, saying it violated doctors' free speech rights and did not violate patients' 2nd Amendment rights.

"So now in the office we're able to ask about gun safety, along with pool safety, along with chemical safety and keeping your child buckled up, said Dr. Lisa Cosgrove, president of the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. "This causes now for us to be able to have a good physician-patient relationship and there's no interference."

Dr. Cosgrove's group teamed-up with other doctors groups and the Brady Campaign to challenge the law, which the governor signed in June.

The ruling only temporarily blocks the law, but Cosgrove thinks it is only a matter of time until it is made permanent.

"The judge actually pointed out several First Amendment rights that were violated and it's very telling that she agreed that there was an interference in the physician-patient relationship and this was against First Amendment rights," she said.


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