Dad Wants Circumcision. Mom Doesn't. A Judge Issued The Final Word.

A Florida mother is fighting a court order that requires her 3-year-old son’s penis to be circumcised.

The Fourth District Court of Appeals has issued an emergency order to stop the procedure on Heather Hironimus’ son, Chase, while the case is still under review.

Hironimus of Boyton Beach signed a parenting agreement with Chase’s father, Dennis Nebus, when they broke up in 2011. The contract clearly states that Nebus would be financially responsible for scheduling and paying for their son to be circumcised. The document was entered into court record in January 2012, according to Salon.

Years later, the boy still hasn’t been circumcised. Hironimus argues the procedure is "not medically necessary and she did not want to have the parties' son undergo requisite general anesthesia for fear of death,” according to the Broward Palm Beach New Times.

A pediatric urologist who testified at a hearing said he would not circumcise the boy at this age.

But last week Judge Jeffrey Gillen ordered that the parties must abide by the agreement and that Nebus can have their son circumcised.

The order even stated that Hironimus “shall not in any way lead [Chase] to believe that she is or was opposed to his being circumcised, whether or not she accompanies [Chase] to the procedure.”

"Putting aside what they agreed to, if you're going to enforce this contract, you have to look in what is the best interest of the child," said Hironimus' attorney, Taryn Sinatra. "The best interest of the child should always trump [any such agreement].”

In the judge’s order he says the urologist also testified that “penile cancer only occurs in uncircumcised males,” which Sinatra says is untrue, and “uncircumcised males have a higher risk of HIV infection than circumcised males," which is debatable.

As a stay at home mother, Hironimus started a Go Fund Me page asking “fellow intactavists” to help with her legal fees.

“My son is currently being court ordered to undergo a medically unnecessary cosmetic circumcision because that is what his dad wants, and since the judge is also very pro-circumcision,” she wrote on the website. “I am pleading with fellow intactavists, parents and all others to help me save my son, his foreskin, his rights and hopefully other children from allowing the ‘system’ to make these decisions.”

The Fourth District Court of Appeals issued an order Wednesday granting emergency motion for review.

Sources: Broward Palm Beach New Times


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