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Florida Men Arrested After Officers Find Alligator, Hallucinogenic Mushrooms In Their Possession

Several Florida men were arrested recently after some strange goods were found in their possession.

Florida wildlife officials busted the men in the Little Econ State Forest in Seminole County on Sunday. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman, Joy Hill, the men were in the forest searching for hallucinogenic mushrooms at the time of their arrest.

The ringleader of the group, 30-year-old Rick Myers from Titusville, was also found with a 2-foot long alligator in his backpack, which was alive and wrapped in a bandana. Also found in the group's possession were mushrooms and marijuana.

Officers charged Myers with the brunt of the crimes, including illegal possession of an alligator, a felony drug possession, misdemeanor removal of plant life, and an unrelated probation violation. The other four men — Tyler Salzman, 20, Gregory Sansota, 22, Jacob Russell, 20, and an unnamed juvenile — were also charged with drug-related crimes.

"They knew what they were picking," said Hill.

Hill also explained that the alligator possession counts as a crime because even the small ones can be extremely dangerous. A small bite can kill a human because of the bacteria in their mouths.

Hill said that the alligator in Myers’ possession had to be “revived a little bit,” but officials were able to set it free in a local canal.

Sources: Huffington Post, NBC News


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