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Florida Man Cooked To Death In Sauna

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Florida man Dennis Antiporek’s family was horrified when they discovered that the 68-year-old had been cooked to death in a spa sauna.

Just hours before his death on Sunday, Antiporek had left a note for his family saying he was going to relax at the sauna. When he failed to return from the Eden Isles Condominium sauna, his daughter Lara went looking for him.

“When I opened the door, I looked and there was a black man in the sauna,” Lara told CBS. “It wasn’t my dad so I shut the door and I looked, the clothes hanging, it was his clothes.”

Antiporek's wife Ronnie recalled seeing her husband of 50 years on the floor and bench of the sauna. Ever since seeing his charred body, she hasn’t been able to shake the image of her husband’s corpse.

“I close my eyes and I just see his face charred,” Mrs. Antiporek said. “And this sounds horrible, but there was skin on the floor and on the bench and we shouldn’t have had to see that.”

The family has since hired an attorney to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the condominium for not checking on the sauna safety and for having a faulty timer.

Family attorney Douglas Ede stated that Antiporek likely died from asphyxiation by becoming overheated. 

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Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo Credit: Mirror, Facebook


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