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Man Arrested For Trying To Circumcise Infant Nephew With Kitchen Knife

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A Florida man tried to circumcise his 20-month-old nephew with a kitchen knife while his father went out for groceries, according to law enforcement.

The suspect, Larry Leroy Floyd, was charged with domestic aggravated battery after the infant's father returned home to find his child crying and covered in blood.

Another man who was only identified as the father's other brother-in-law, claimed to have had no idea what was happening. According to Sgt. Michael Sommer, "He heard the baby crying as the father arrived (back home). He rushed out and said, 'Your son is bleeding.'"

The child was injured in the assault, but Sommer believes he will make a full recovery. Floyd was arrested shortly after the incident and is currently in jail.

It remains unclear why Floyd committed this act. He has been in trouble with the law numerous times in the past and served time in jail for his offenses, including "armed robbery, petty theft, drug possession, trespassing, domestic violence and stalking a child."

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News

Photo Credit: Marion County Jail via Daily Mail, WikiCommons


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