Alleged Florida Dog Rapist Eric Antunes Evades Justice on Technicality

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Last month we reported on a Florida humane society employee who was arrested on suspicion of child pornography possession and bestiality. Today, Opposing Views has learned that Eric Antunes, the alleged "Florida dog rapist," has managed to jump through a legal loophole and elude prosecution.

Authorities in Florida are apparently powerless to bring charges against the former animal shelter worker despite photographic evidence that he performed a sex act on his girlfriend’s dog. Florida, like most states, has an anti-bestiality law on the books. As with any legal loophole, however, the devil is in the details.

Although the year-old statute clearly prohibits penetrative sex with an animal, the wording of the law does not explicitly prohibit oral sex, according to the Tampa Bay Times. That means prosecutors have insufficient evidence to charge Antunes with bestiality pursuant to Florida law.

Enraged animal rights activists are calling this a miscarriage of justice and demanding an amendment to the law, though any ex post facto change to state codes would be constitutionally barred from reaching Antunes.

Concerned Floridians can rest assured that Antunes is still unlikely to remain a free man. Though hw cannot be prosecuted for his crimes against his girlfriend’s three-legged pit bull, he still stands accused of possession of child pornography. Authorities believe that charge will be harder to dodge under Sunshine State law.


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